Eyelash Foam Cleanser

  • Oil-free lash foam cleanser for lash bath
  • Most comfortable pH level to human eyes
  • Gentle yet pleasantly citrusy eyelash cleanser 
  • Helps maintain clean eyelashes before & after lash extension
  • Great aftercare retail product
  • 50ml / 100ml / 50ml with brush / 100ml with brush


  • Apply on the cotton pads to clean eyelids and eyelashes;
  • Use the eyelash cleaning brush to apply on the eyelids and eyelashes;
  • Gently massage across eyelids and work foam into the lashes;
  • Rinse off gently with water and dry pat;




1.For extension use only;

2.Do not use if you are cover sensitive or allergic to this product;

3.Do not use if you have any disorder or open wound around the eyes;

4.Keep out of reach of children;

5.Keep in the cool and dark place;

6.In case of getting the product into the eyes, wash it off with running water;

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