Four Tips Flat Eyelash Extension





Four Tips Flat Lash:

  • For the 1:1 application technique
  • Four tips make the lash more fluffy on the tip
  • A special flat shape provides a larger contact area for adhesive fastening, making the lash more tightly attached to the natural eyelashes
  • Prevent the flipping problem during the process of lash placement and add the retention time
  • Flat shape to provide a black finish that weighs about half as much as a traditional round classic fiber
  • Create a more dramatic, bold classic lash set look with less weight



Why A-RIX Four Tips Flat Lash?

  1. The Four tips are customized, it is softer and lighter than normal flat eyelashes. Other lashes can be customized as well.
  2. Made with premium PBT fiber with different cross-section shapes (ellipse/butterfly cross-section)
  3. Four tips give a more natural look
  4. Special techniques make the curl keep a longer time
  5. Strict Quality Control on each production process to keep a high quality
  6. Special curl and color can be customized
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