6D Pre-made Fan Eyelash Extension





Pre-made Fan Lash: 

  • 2D-20D fans are available
  • For 1:1 application technique
  • Create a fuller, softer and fluffy effect
  • Reduced application time without losing the fluffy and dramatic volume look



Why A-RIX Pre-made Fan Lash?

1.Made with premium PBT fiber(D-BASF,DUPONT,TORYA)

2.The fan is well-bonded and not easy to fall apart

3.The viscosity is moderate so the fans are easy to pick off

4.The pointed bases of each cluster is tiny and don’t have that artificial “pre-made” look that so many others do.

5.Strict Quality Control on each production process to keep a high quality

6.Special curl and color can be customized

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