07 2022-Jun

New Techinique Imitating Hand-Knotted Eyelash

  If you are an experienced purchaser of eyelashes, you may know that the strip eyelash manufacturers mainly come from Indonesia and China. What is the difference between them?


   —-Indonesian eyelash factories are experts in making human hair lashes while Chinese manufacturers are more professional in making faux/real mink lashes.

The human hair lashes adopt the “hand-knotted” technique, workers tie knots on the black PET/PBT band or transparent nylon band, which will create a unique slightly flared lash style than faux/real mink lashes.

 We have another new technique to create a similar slightly flared lash style, and make the lashes lighter to wear, we call it New Imitating Hand-Knotted Technique.


  Traditional hand-knotted eyelash


  The traditional hand-knotted eyelashes will create a unique slightly flared lash style by tying knots on the band. Too many knots may make the lash uncomfortable to wear.

  At the same time, the tips of the eyelash usually will be round without tapered tips. If they want to make the tapered tips, workers need to use a special alkaline solution to sharpen the tips, which may have harmful substances residue. 


  New Imitating Hand-Knotted Eyelash


  The new imitating hand-knotted eyelash “sticks” the fibers to the transparent band by using hot-melt technology. In this way, the thickness of the band will be effectively reduced (as same as the transparent band and without additional knots) and become more comfortable to wear.


  The thickness of the traditional hand-knotted band is about 0.27mm, but the new imitating hand-knotted lashes are only about 0.13mm, which makes the lash lighter and more comfortable to wear.


  What’s more, we don’t need to use an alkaline solution to sharpen the tips by that kind of technique, as our material has the tips itself at the very beginning.  That will be much safer than hand-knotted lashes.


  Welcome to contact us to test the samples or get more information…