24 2022-May

What are flat lash extensions?—Upgraded version for conventional 1 to 1 classic lashing

  Flat lashes are eyelash extensions with a flat base.

  There are different shapes of the flat lashes base.

  The earliest base of a flat lash was an oval shape. That’s why people call it “ Ellipse Flat Lash”.  As time went by, the later base gradually evolved into a horizontal figure-eight shape. And now the butterfly tie shape has appeared. Those are all called “Flat Lashes”.


  Why choose Flat Eyelash? — Flat Lash VS Round Classic Lash


  The different base shapes between the flat lash and classic lash, (the Classic lash is with a round base) bring the flat lash unique features.

  Take our Butterfly tie shape Base Flat Eyelash Extension as an example.

1)With the same thickness/dimension(0.15 flat lash vs 0.15 round lash), a flat lash has about 50% less cross-sectional area than traditional classic round lashes, which means flat lashes are 50% softer and lighter than classic round lashes.

2)The flat lashes’ unique base shape provides a larger contact area for adhesive fastening, which makes the lash more tightly attached to the natural eyelashes than conventional round lashes and adds the retention time.

3)Here are flat lashes with multiple tips–The ordinary flat lashes are two split tips., while we have three tips and four tips of flat lashes. Multi-tips give a more fluffy and dramatic lash look than classic lashes.


4)When it comes to the process of lash placement, flat lashes can prevent the flipping problem. What’s more, the special shape of the flat lash makes it easier and quicker to slip glue onto the natural lashes. It can add your lash placement speed.

  Many salons in Japan, the United States, and South Korea have purchased a lot of flat lashes recently, which proves that flat lash is very popular in the market.

  By the way, the raw materials of our flat lash are made of 100% German BASF PBT fiber. And we pick water-cooling wire drawing technology and high-temperature dyeing technique so that the lashes can keep the stable quality and avoid color deviation.